Q.2.1 Brief background of my area.

I come from a small area in Soshanguve called Block L. Currently the area has a high level of crime rate and drugs in Soshanguve, people are hijacked each and every day. As I looked at youth of my area I have realized that the main reason why they are involved in crime is high rate of unemployment. So they end up involved in crime because they live out of it. Most of them didn’t finish high school which means that they cannot be employed even though jobs are created.

How I intend to tackle this problem.

Six D’s

  1. Define
  2. Discover
  3. Dream
  4. Design
  5. Deliver
  6. Debrief

(IIE Module Manual, 2015)

  • Define

Soshanguve is full of unemployed youth which means that they cannot be employed even though jobs are created. So most of them are involved in drugs and crime in order to survive.

  • Discover

We have the problem of unemployment in Soshanguve because of most youth didn’t finish high school so they are not able to find jobs as they don’t have qualifications. Most of the youth are under the influence of drugs and crime so no company is willing to invest or employ anyone who is under the influence of drugs and crime. Some companies will want to employ them to clean or take care of the garden but they will refuse as they are too choosy with no qualification.

  • Dream

We can convince youth who are under the influence of drugs to go to rehab and those who didn’t finish high school to go back to school or attend adult school. When it comes to jobs we get we need to put pride aside and accept the opportunity that is given to us.

  • Design

We can start volunteering in police stations, homes, clinic’s, creches, etc. As volunteering can lead to full employment and as youth of Soshanguve we can start small businesses in the community. We can also start a campaign where we support youth who are under the influence of drugs to stop. If we do this as young we can make a great improvement and we can also change how companies see us as youth, they might start to have interest in investing in youth.

  • Deliver

We can ask for companies to accept youth to volunteer in their organizations and thank them with anything that they could. We can also convince companies to invest in small businesses run by youth people. We can also encourage youth to attend campaigns and work together in order to have a difference in the area.

  • Debrief

We need to make sure that every youth enjoys his/her everyday activity that he/she is engaged in so that more people can be recruited and in that way our campaigns will be a success.

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